Troubleshooting: How do I call an electrician in an emergency?

Find where the electrical breakdown has occurred

One way to know where in the house the problem has originated is to go to the electrical panel and see how the switches are, although it is likely that from the outset this will not give you any information if you have never seen one. You have to know that there is a power control switch, a differential, and automatic switches for the different parts of the home or local electrical network.

You can unplug all the switches and turn them up one by one until you discover where the problem is. Then you will have to go to that part of the house to check plugs and connections. Although remember that as a precaution you should not manipulate wiring or touch anything in the electrical installation. To solve the problem always have an expert in the field.

Most common electrical emergency services

Each power outage and each electrical incident is different and may have a different problem as its origin. Some can be solved domestically while many others pose a risk to the home or the inhabitants of the house. If we are not expert electricians it is always better to make sure we have a professional who assesses the type of fault we are facing.

In addition, if you thought it was a voltage problem but you have not managed to make the incident disappear, it is possible that you are facing an electrical emergency. Let’s see which are the most common breakdowns and why you have to call an emergency electrician:

  • Shorts . This occurs when two conductors of electricity from opposite poles come together and make contact. The reaction they cause is an increase in electrical voltage that burns the insulation that covers the cables and ends up short-circuiting the electrical network. These types of incidents can cause serious fires if not resolved immediately. In the event of a short circuit, it is essential that an electrician intervenes.
  • Problems with the insulation of the wiring . If sparks begin to appear in the network cables, it is possible that the insulators that cover them have deteriorated and that the entire installation is in danger. Again this is an electrical emergency.
  • Incidents with the differential switch . Although normally the differential jumps due to power surges or having too many electrical appliances connected at the same time, the truth is that there are other problems that may be associated with this part of the installation. We recommend that you have a professional electrician check the condition of the switch just in case.
  • Faults in the water heater . It is relatively common for the resistance of electric heaters to give problems of use with the time that they cause the power to go out. Repairing this can be very complicated without knowing how to do it, contact an expert in electrical systems.
  • Outdated network cables . An old electrical installation or in poor condition is the origin of a multitude of electrical problems, it is very important to keep the network up to date and update it whenever any type of problem is detected. Again, this is a job that can only be performed by an electrician.

Contact an electrician in your area

After seeing the main problems that you can face in your home or business and that need the intervention of an emergency electrician, it is time to know how you have to go about calling a professional in these types of situations. 

First of all, you should know that getting a professional if you don’t have any contact in the sector is very simple thanks to our specialized search engine. You simply have to enter what you are looking for and your zip code, neighborhood, or city to see the electrical professionals that are available in your area.

After reviewing their files, contact at least three electricians and ask them for a quote for the repair you need. Negotiate the service fee and extra expenses such as travel, urgency, etc. in order to have a fixed budget in advance. Thanks to this service you can have a trusted professional electrician quickly at your home to solve any electrical incident.







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